Electric Infrared Thermal Inspection in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thermal imaging of a electrical boxProtecting your home and business from potential hazards

Infrared thermography is used as a predictive maintenance tool by certified professionals to ensure your commercial and residential electrical systems are running safely and without fault. Certified thermographers can quickly identify potential issues by performing an electric thermal inspection. By identifying electrical issues before they cause you trouble, you can avoid costly repairs and gain the peace of mind that your electrical system is running safely.

Electrical elements that are under stress radiate more heat than a properly functioning system. By determining if and where excessive heat is being omitted, we can help identify and rectify faulty electrical systems before they fail and become a safety hazard.

While thermal imaging is more commonly used for businesses, MF Electric also provides electric thermal inspections for homes.

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Benefits of electric thermal inspection

  • Identify potential hazards such as faulty wiring and equipment, and thermal issues
  • Ensure electrical systems are installed properly
  • Reduce the risk of electrical fires
  • Increase the safety of your property
  • Identify issues quickly and effectively

Issues uncovered through infrared thermal inspection

  • Overloaded electric panels
  • Open circuits
  • Defective equipment
  • Stressed circuit breakers, conductors and other electrical equipment
  • Overheating cables
  • Loose connections

By making thermal imaging a routine part of the maintenance for your home or business, you can save money by identifying issues before they arise. Infrared thermal imaging is non-invasive and can quickly determine problems such as electrical failures, damage to wiring or excessive energy consumption that is not visible to the naked eye.

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How does thermal imaging work?

With the use of infrared cameras, thermal imaging detects temperature and produces thermal photos of electrical equipment. A licensed thermographer is trained to interpret these images and determine if there are any equipment failures or potential hazards. All MF Electric thermal imaging inspections come with a comprehensive report and recommendations for maintenance and repair. Contact us today at (902) 827-2508 or by submitting an online request to book your infrared thermal inspection.

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