Trust the experts at MF Electric with all of your commercial and residential electrical questions

Do I need to hire a licensed electrician?

To ensure that your electrical systems are running safely and up to code, we strongly recommend that you hire a licensed electrician for all of your electrical work, big or small. MF Electric has a qualified team of electrical contractors that would be happy to assist you. Through continued education and training, we ensure that your electrical work is completed safely and to the highest standard.

How much does it cost to hire a licensed electrician?

It depends on the work required. The experts at MF Electric would be happy to provide you with a free detailed assessment and quote for any electrical work ranging from interior wiring, electric panel upgrades and the installation of generators, and EV Charging Stations.

Are there building codes that need to be followed in Nova Scotia?

Through the Nova Scotia Building Code Act, there are regulations and outlines that must be followed in regards to upgrades of electrical systems or new construction. The licensed electricians at MF Electric are deeply familiar with local code and regulations and will guarantee that you are in compliance. By trusting a certified electrician to perform your electrical work, you can be certain that all maintenance is up to safety and code standards.

When should I get a commercial or residential electrical inspection?

We recommended that you have your home or business inspected if:

  • It has been longer than 5 years since your last inspection
  • You are looking to or have recently purchased a new property
  • You have recently added new appliances or outlets that may surpass your current electrical demands
  • You suspect any issues with your current electrical systems

If we find any issues in our inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report and quote for any required electrical work.

Does your electrical work come with a warranty?

MF Electric offers a one-year warranty on all electrical work. In addition, certain products come with their own manufacturer warranty. Contact the experts at MF Electric to learn more about the warranties we can offer you.

For more information or additional questions, contact MF Electric at (902) 827-6058 or by submitting an online request.