Commercial Standby Generator in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Unexpected power outages can result in avoidable losses and even the potential for hazards. By protecting your business with a commercial standby generator, you can be sure that you will remain connected when utilities are down. MF Electric can connect your business with a generator that best suits your budget and needs. Our expertise and reputation are what makes MF Electric a leader in emergency backup generator solutions for commercial businesses in every industry.

Some of the benefits you will experience by choosing MF Electric to install your standby generator:
  • Free consultation with detailed estimations of work
  • Affordable rates and product pricing
  • Clean, professional craftsmanship
  • Licensed, insured and safety trained electricians
  • One-year warranty on all electrical work
  • Over 25 years of installation experience and in-depth knowledge of current electrical codes

Choosing to install a commercial standby generator is a proactive way to ensure that when the power goes out, your lights, heat, electronics and appliances will be up and running shortly after the main power source has failed. To install a standby generator, you must hire a licensed company to assess your current power demands and pair you with a standby generator that can handle anything you throw at it.

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Types of Commercial Generators

Every business has different needs when it comes to the requirements of its commercial backup generator. MF Electric can help you select products and technology that will keep your investment and employees safe, regardless of how long local utilities will need to repair the outage. There are several different types of commercial generators to choose from that include bi-fuel, natural gas, propane, gas, diesel, and mobile generator options.

The size and capacity of your backup power system will depend on the current electrical demands of your business. MF Electric will take the time to understand your business and determine the best backup generator options that take into consideration both current and future energy consumption.

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Benefits of an Electric Backup Generator

Illuminated exterior of a factory, industrial style buildingBackup generators are designed to work with a transfer switch that senses when your system has lost electricity, and will immediately change resources to your backup generator. You will be back up and running within a matter of minutes and can have the peace of mind that no work has been lost. By choosing an electric backup generator you are guaranteeing:

  • Workflow remains uninterrupted and deadlines can be met
  • With minimal downtime between switching sources, sales are not lost
  • Air conditioning, heating and refrigeration can continue to function
  • Security systems such as alarms and cameras remain online
  • Systems can be restored immediately
  • Data is not lost
  • The safety of your employees and customers is not compromised

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Annual Maintenance Packages

Over 25 years experienceManufacturers recommend that your generator be inspected annually. MF Electric offers annual maintenance packages on all generators that we install. Inspections are essential in keeping your generator properly maintained and not only protects you as the owner, but also ensures the longevity of the system.

With over 25 years of experience in Nova Scotia, we know and understand the local policies on standby generator installation. We offer flexible scheduling that puts your needs first and have a strong reputation around our impeccable craftsmanship.

Give us a call at (902) 827-2508 or submit an online request for more information on how we can lower your expenses and guarantee your complete satisfaction on any commercial standby generator maintenance, installs, repair, or service.

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