Electric Thermal Storage Units in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Winter in Nova Scotia can get cold, which typically means a spike in your heating bill. Thankfully we have good news – having consistent heat doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) can help lower your heating costs by storing heat during off-peak times when electricity costs less. ETS is a cost-efficient alternative or add-on to traditional heating. Using the time-of-day rate through Nova Scotia Power, ETS converts off-peak energy into heat overnight and will consistently release throughout the day.

MF Electric is your certified Steffes and ECOMBI Electric Thermal Storage Unit dealer for Nova Scotia

MF Electric is trained to install and maintenance ETS room units that are ideal for providing clean, consistent heat for rooms of all sizes. From commercial buildings to residential properties, there are a few options when it comes to choosing what type of ETS is best suited for your home or business. Our experts would be happy to complete a free assessment of your commercial or residential property and make a recommendation based upon our findings and your needs.

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Financing and Rebates

On-bill financing is available through Nova Scotia Power for qualifying ETS Units. By purchasing and installing an ETS system, you may also qualify for rebates of up to $2,000 from Efficiency Nova Scotia.

ETS Units are available for both our commercial and residential clients.

Residential Electric Thermal Storage Units

Whether you are looking to heat one room or your whole house, there are many ETS options available to homeowners. Thanks to ETS, keeping your home warm and cozy while lowering your heating expenses has never been more obtainable.

Commercial Electric Thermal Storage Units

Heating a commercial or industrial building is no small cost. By choosing to heat your business through ETS, you reduce your spend while providing a clean and consistent source of heat. Our licensed electricians can help you choose the best ETS to suit your needs, help to reduce your cost and provide a more efficient, sustainable form of energy that you can feel good about.

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ETS frequently asked questions

What are time-of-day rates?

During certain times of day – overnight, holidays and weekends – the electricity demand is lower, making power cheaper to use. These are called off-peak times. Nova Scotia Power wants to encourage customers to utilize the off-peak times and therefore offers the time-of-day rate. With the time-of-day rate, you are billed for the actual cost of making and delivering power at the time of use.

How do ETS Units work?

Electric Thermal Storage Units are rechargeable smart heaters that store heat in ceramic bricks by running an electric heating element through them. Electric Storage Units store the power during off-peak times when electricity costs less, and release the energy as heat throughout the day.

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