Heat Pumps in Nova Scotia

MF Electric Inc. is a Ouellet and LG factory trained and authorized DEALER, SERVICE, and INSTALLATION company for residential and commercial ductless mini split heat pumps.

Single Zone or Multi Zone Units

When it comes to ductless heating, there are two ways to go

Single Zone

  • -One outdoor unit with one indoor head.
  • -High efficiency models available
  • -Ideal for regulating an individual area of your home or business.
  • -Ideal for single room heating/cooling.

Multi Zone

  • -One outdoor unit with multiple indoor heads.
  • -Less expensive than purchasing more than one single zone system.
  • -Ideal for controlling the temperature of your entire home or business.
  • -Ideal for multiple room heating/cooling from a single outdoor system.

Extended 10 Year Parts and Labour Warranty are available with all our Ouellet and LG Heat Pump models.

Financing is available through Nova Scotia Power. Your monthly payments will be added to your electricity bill. Typically, people save the same or more than their payment due to energy savings.

Efficiency Nova Scotia rebates are available for qualifying Ouellet and LG units. Contact MF Electric for more information.

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How a heat pump works

Heat pumps use the principle of thermodynamics to transfer heat from one place to another. In winter they extract heat energy from the outside air and transfer it inside. The same happens in the summer, but in reverse: they extract heat from inside and transfer it outside. Heat pumps are therefore more efficient than traditional electric heating systems that use electrical resistance to generate heat. A high-performance heat pump system produces about four times more heat than a resistive system for the same energy consumption, as well as offering the comfort of air conditioning during hotter weather

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