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Intrusion (Burglar) alarms are systems designed to detect unauthorized entry into a commercial, industrial or residential properties. MF can design and install a system that’s right for you whether it be single purpose system (intrusion only), combination system (intrusion & fire) or a complex system that can be tied into your security camera and your remote access control system which you can monitor from any wireless device or cell device and/or any computer.

2-Closed Circuit Video Systems/Surveillance

Security camera systems have evolved considerably through the years. Today's video surveillance systems can be customized to fit most any need and environment, from big office buildings, to residential houses, to outdoor parking lots and yards. MF will install the system that’s right for you at the right price, and give you the peace of mind knowing your business or residence is being watched.

Setting up your closed circuit video surveillance system, however, even on a smaller scale like in a single room, can be tricky. And while today's technology makes it possible to purchase a very effective surveillance system for a relatively low price, you might find that purchasing low quality material or improper installation the first time around can be costly in the end. Replacing the system is far more expensive than paying for experienced help that should be used in the first place.

**Our expert security technicians know everything there is to know about most any surveillance system that exists, and can quickly and efficiently set up your low voltage closed circuit video surveillance system no matter how big or small the project. They have experience and are well trained when it comes to working with computer/network based systems as well as digital video recording (DVR) systems and they know how to install cabling and mount devices in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Save yourself the headaches, time and money trust MF

3-Access Control

No one wants their front door to open for just anyone. You have good reason to want to monitor and control who enters your commercial and industrial building. This is why more businesses are turning to access control and intercom systems to help them better monitor their employees and visitors.

Access systems usually require the user to swipe an access card in order to gain access to the area beyond where the system is installed. There are many other types of access systems, and MF is the best company to help you choose the one that will work best for you based on your unique needs and situation. Access systems also allow you to know who entered the protected area and at what time, so that you can know who was in the office if something were to happen.

4 - Integration

With the new advanced products and security systems, we can integrate all security, CCTV, audio/video, lighting/heating control, blind control etc. under one user interface locally or remotely from a wireless device or computer.