Communications in Nova Scotia

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The world as we know it exists because of the ever-increasing speed of communication. At MF Electric & Communications INC, we understand this fact better than most. For over 25 years we’ve been installing, repairing, and maintaining communications systems for residents and business owners across Nova Scotia. Driven by our belief in the importance of well-maintained communication networks, we’ve established ourselves as the provincial leader in the industry.

Do you have a high-stakes data cabling project that requires the knowledge and expertise of a professional communications team? Are you setting up a fibre optic cabling system in a new development or office space? Do you want a video surveillance, intercom, and home security system that is totally integrated into a single unit?

Call MF Electric & Communications INC to speak with Nova Scotia’s leading communications experts.

Structured Cabling

Although wireless dominates the data systems we find in Nova Scotia homes, there’s no substitute for a proper structured cabling system in large institutions, hospitals, and offices. MF Electric & Communications INC has been hired to build custom cabling infrastructure for commercial properties across Nova Scotia.

In structured cabling, MF Electric & Communications INC builds a custom system that’s designed to manage large quantities of data for a wide range of hardware components. Structured cabling allows companies and institutions to integrate their video surveillance, alarms, automated lights, automated locks, door access, intercom, and more all into one coherent system. Connected to a server and to a computer network, these diverse components can be controlled and managed.

The big advantage is that they are scaleable. That means when technology changes or you’d like to upgrade with new components, the system is ready to expand. You can add whatever you want and build your data cabling system in increments.

Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optic cables offer some of the fastest data transfer rates on the market today. If you’re running an expanding business or are looking to upgrade your institution’s current data cabling system, fibre optic cabling is right for you. Fibre optic cabling, whether with plastic or glass threads, offer increased security, higher bandwidth, and faster transfer speeds. Fibre optic cable can be used both as a vertical backbone to support your cabling infrastructure or to link offices or buildings across a campus.

Upgrading to fibre optic cables will not only modernize your data cabling system, it will also save you money in the long run by simplifying long-distance data transfers and accelerating.

Customer Service Guaranteed

Our data cabling services are totally customizable. We know that you’ll need a very different fibre optic cabling system for the home and the workplace. And you’ll need a very different structured cabling system for a small office than you will for a university campus.

That’s why all of our communications services are fully customizable. In our industry, this goes without saying. But the point is, give us a call! We will set up a consultation where we can go over every detail. Getting it right the first time is our priority.

And if you have a problem with our system or need anything tweaked, just call us back and we’ll be straight over to help you out. Contact MF Electric & Communications INC for Nova Scotia’s top communications technology specialist!